Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How do I register?

First you would need to determine whether you would like to register as an individual User to take advantage of the system’s resources or as a Contributor (employer, property manager, Transportation Agencies) who can contribute information about their specific commuting programs to their individual employees/tenants/members.

Next, you click on the corresponding registration link and complete the form.

I can't remember my user name and/or password. How do I retrieve it?

By default, the user name will be the email used when registered. You can retrieve your password by asking to have it reset (click here). But note, the password reset is based on the email used when registered and created your profile. If you don’t remember your email, click here to request a GoVerdugo reset for your account.

Can I use GoVerdugo with my mobile device?

We are dedicated to giving you intuitive navigational experiences using the latest and greatest devices, OSs, and carriers at all times. While we have tested on both Android and iOS platforms, you may encounter problems that could be caused by security settings, outdated OS or other factor. Should you come across broken links, images or error messages please notify us at support@goverdugo.com

User Questions

As an individual employee, tenant, or member, you would sign up as a User. During the registration process, please specify your worksite by selecting them in the Contributor drop-down bar

What if my worksite isn't a participant?

Don’t worry, you can still sign up and receive information from the Cities, transportation organizations and others.  And, once your employer registers, you will be automatically connected to their pages.

Do I need to commute into and/or live in one of the participating cities in order to use the services?

Not necessarily, but it is more beneficial because the project only includes transportation information from the Verdugo region.

Is my personal information private?

Yes, all information is private unless you opt to share it publically. Think about it like other social media services, you can share your information or keep it private.

How do the public transportation subsidies work?

The transit subsidy program is for new public transit riders. You will need to meet certain requirements  and be approved by your employer/property manager in order to enroll in the program. If your employer or property manager is not a part of the program, you can still participate as an “unaffiliated” user, as long as you meet the program requirements.

Contributor Questions

What is the registration process like for Contributors?

Once you complete the Contributor Registration form, a request will be sent to the GoVerdugo Administrator for review for any duplicates or conflicts. Once the request is approved, we’ll send you an email confirming registration.

What types of information should I provide?

You should provide details about the transportation benefits offered at your site and how employees/tenants can apply for them using the Events, Programs and Alerts fields in your dashboard. Any information helps!

How do I participate in the Transit Subsidy Program so my employees/tenants can receive a subsidy on their transit fare?

Email contact@goglendale.org or call (818) 543-7641

Subsidy Questions

What pass types are eligible for the subsidy program?

You have the option of purchasing one of two transit pass types:


  • $100 Stored Value (via TAP card)
  • Metrolink (via Metrolink CQC card)


The pass type you purchase determines where your card can be used.


TAP card



Stored Value (via TAP Card)
Stored Value is a pay-per-ride option for transit agencies that participate in the TAP system. Stored Value can be used for single trips on Metro bus & rail as well as municipal buses such as BurbankBus, Glendale Beeline, and Pasadena Transit.


Fare vary by service providers. Some examples include:
BurbankBus: $1 per ride
Glendale Beeline: $1 per ride
Pasadena Transit: $0.75 per ride



Metrolink (via Metrolink CQC Card)


Metrolink Pass


Metrolink CQC cards are valid on Metrolink trains at the origin and destination stations specified on the pass. Metrolink passes are also good for free rides on participating local transit services. An additional fare payment may be required for express or other non-local bus service.


For a complete list of participating transit services in the LA County, visit Metrolink.

Questions Regarding Metro TAP Cards

How do I use my TAP card?
  1. Tap your card at the turnstile at the rail station or validator on your bus.
  2. Wait for the “beep” or “Go” message for confirmation.

Remember! You must tap the validator each time you board a bus or train.

When can I start using my TAP card?

Your fare will be activated the first of each month.

I chose the $100 Stored Value option and I’ve used up my funds before the end of the month. What should I do now?

You will have to reload your TAP card yourself. You can reload your TAP card at any TAP Vendor location, or Metro Rail station.

Where do I log my trips?

To log your trips, go to GoVerdugo.com, sign into your account, and click the “Travel Log” tab on the left hand side of your dashboard.

Tip! Save Trips using the Trip Planner to quickly log your daily commute.

Can I continue to use my TAP card after my 2-month trial is over?

Yes, you may continue to use your TAP card but you would be responsible for reloading it yourself. You can reload your TAP card at any TAP Vendor location, Metro Rail station, or online at taptogo.net.

Questions About Metrolink

How do I find the Metrolink stations nearest my home and destination?

Visit Metrolink to find your station pairs.

Which routes run through the Arroyo Verdugo area?

The following routes run through the Arroyo Verdugo area:

  • Antelope Valley
  • Ventura County

For a map of all Metrolink routes, go to Metrolink.

My station pairs are incorrect. How do I change it?

Please contact Kate Bridges at kate@goglendale.org.

How are Metrolink fares calculated?
Metrolink fares are calculated with a distance-based formula using the shortest driving distance between stations, with an 80-mile maximum charge for Monthly Passes.
I received my Metrolink CQC card. What now?
Go to any Metrolink Ticket Vending Machine, insert your Metrolink CQC card, and print out your pass.
When can I start using my Metrolink monthly pass?
You may begin using the pass on the first of the month indicated on the front of the ticket. Your monthly pass is valid for unlimited trips between the origin and destination stations specified on your pass for that specified month.
How do I make connections to other buses & rail systems?

pass that allows Metrolink riders with valid Metrolink tickets, including the monthly pass, unlimited free rides on most local transit services. An additional fare payment may be required for express or other non-local bus service. When boarding at Metro Rail station, tap your pass at the turnstiles. When boarding a bus, simply show the bus operator your monthly pass.

Some participating transit providers in the LA County include:

  • Metro Bus & Metro Rail (Blue, Red, Green & Gold Lines, Metro Rapid and Metro Local)
  • Burbank Bus
  • Foothill Transit
  • Glendale Beeline
  • Pasadena Transit

For a complete list of participating transit services in the LA County, visit Metrolink.

Can I continue to use my Metrolink monthly pass after my 2-month trial is over?

You will not be able to continue using it after your 2-month trial is over. Since the tickets are disbursed to your CQC card electronically, you will need to purchase a new pass at a Metrolink Vending Machine or through the Metrolink App to be able to add fare yourself. For more instructions on how to purchase a new pass, visit Metrolink.