Registration is Free

Registering for GoVerdugo is free. Commuters (the general public) who would like help with local travel services and programs when traveling in and around the Arroyo Verdugo area should register as a User. Employers, property owners/managers, Cities and Transportation Agencies that would like to centralize, manage, and promote their transportation programs should sign up as Contributors.


Registration is fast and easy! Once you create your personal profile, you will be directed to your personal Dashboard with travel options, promotions and traffic alerts customized to your preferences.


If you’re an employer, property owner/manager or Transportation Agency in and around the Arroyo Verdugo area, you can manage your transportation programs and administer the Go Verdugo transit subsidy directly from your account. After you create your profile and are approved by our staff, you will be directed to a customizable dashboard where you can add program details, message users associated with your group, and issue alerts to help commuters manage their travel.