Commuters who live or work in the cities of Burbank, Glendale and Pasadena, and are not current regular riders, are eligible to receive  a three-month subsidy toward their transit fare.

Available Passes

These subsidies can be used on Metro, Metrolink, and municipal providers (Burbank Bus, Glendale Beeline and Pasadena Transit), depending on the pass type selected. The following passes are available through the Go Verdugo system:

  • Metro 30 Day Full Fare (for use on Metro buses and trains only)
  • EZ Pass (for use on Metro and municipal providers)
  • Metrolink (for Metrolink, with free transfers to Metro and municipal providers)
  • $40 of Loaded Fare on Tap card (for municipal riders only)

Pass Options and Participant Discounts

Pass Type Pass Value Subsidized Pass Cost to Participant Total Cost to Participant
Monthly Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 3 Months
GoVerdugo Subsidy   100% up to $100 50% up to $50 50% up to $50
Metro 30-Day Full Fare $100 $2 ** $50 $50 $102.00
EZ Pass (Zone 0) $110 $10 $60 $60 $130.00
Metrolink* (Burbank to Union Station) $161.50 $61.50 $111.50 $111.50 $284.50
Loaded TAP Fare $40 $2 ** $20 $20 $42.00

* Metrolink passes are mileage based and example route is used above. Metrolink prices will vary based on route.
** There is a minimum service charge of $2 for any pass type.

Eligibility & Requirements

Participants must meet the following requirements to be eligible for the Go Verdugo subsidy program:

Geographic Requirements

Live or work in Burbank, Glendale or Pasadena

Note: Students, seniors, people with disabilities and military personnel can join the Go Verdugo community, but will be encouraged to take advantage of existing Metro discounts, which will offer a better value for them.


New transit rider

Have not participated in a monthly pass program at their worksite, or purchased one independently within the last three months.

Pledge to ride and log at least 10 round-trip transit trips per month

To represent 50% of the typical commute trips in 1 month (“typical” 9-5 schedule not required). The participant must log their trips on the Go Verdugo system


Agree to allow Go Verdugo system administrators to view  their Tap or Metrolink card usage data for individual verification and overall grant evaluation purposes.

Agree to complete an electronic survey at the end of the program.

How to Enroll into the Program

  1. Create a User account on goverdugo.com
  2. Click the “Subsidy Program” tab on the left-hand side of the dashboard.
  3. Complete an application and choose your worksite. If your worksite is not listed, please choose “No Affiliation”

When to purchase and use your pass

Once approved, Users may purchase a bus pass between the 10th -20th of each month, good for the following month. For example, if a user purchases their bus pass on Jan. 11, they will be able to use it for the entire month of February.


For participants whose employer/property manager/TMA (called “Contributors”) are participating in the Transit Subsidy Program, a request for payment will be forwarded along to their Contributor. The Contributor will then contact you regarding the remaining cost of the fare.

For participants whose employers are NOT participating in the Transit Subsidy Program, they should apply under the “No Affiliation” option. From there, they will be asked to pay the remaining cost of their pass through the online application, Square.

For questions or help determining the right pass type, contact GoVerdugo at contact@goglendale.org or 818-543-7641 for more information.

The Go Verdugo Transit Subsidy Pilot Program is available to employers/property managers/TMAs (“Contributors”) who meet the following criteria:

  • Are located in Burbank, Glendale or Pasadena
  • Have an existing program for employees to purchase Metro and/or Metrolink monthly passes on-site (using payroll deduction or reimbursement)
  • Complete a Pass Sales Request form on their Contributor page

Contributors who meet the criteria above may apply the Go Verdugo Subsidy to new riders who are also enrolled into their existing worksite transit pass programs. The Contributor should apply the Go Verdugo fare discount after any ongoing employer-sponsored subsidies. Once the user has expressed interest in ordering a pass through the system, the Contributor will be notified via email, and will follow their own protocol for ordering the pass through their existing system, including the subsidy amount. The Go Verdugo fare discount will then be processed as a reimbursement to the Contributor on a monthly basis. The invoice form can be found here.

For example:

In the first month, an employer who offers $25 off a Metro 30 Day Full Fare Pass (bringing the cost from $100 to $75 to the employee) as part of their ongoing worksite program may offer a new rider an additional 50% off the remaining cost of the pass for that month. The employee would only be responsible for cost of the remaining balance of $37.50 for the first month, $52.50 for the second month, and $60 for the third month.

Release of Information:


How Do I?

  1. Sign Up to Administer the Go Verdugo Subsidy Program?

Create a Contributor Page at goverdugo.com

Click “My Profile” at the top right-hand corner of your Contributor homepage

Click the “Pass Sales Setup” tab

Complete and submit the form for approval

  1. Approve Subsidy Applications?

Once your request to administer the Subsidy Program has been approved, you may begin approving or denying applications. You will be notified every time a new User enrolls into the program. As the administrator, you will be responsible for confirming the User has not participated in a monthly transit pass program within the past three months. For Metrolink subsidy requests, you are also responsible for confirming their Monthly Transit Pass with the Metrolink Price Finder.

To review any pending, approved or denied applications, please click the “Subsidy Program” tab on your Contributor page and choose an application. Please review the information for accuracy and approve accordingly.

  1. Verify the cost of a monthly Metrolink pass?

Because Metrolink passes vary by mileage, you would have to use Metrolink’s Price Finder. All you will need to do is input the User’s origin and destination stations, which is provided on their enrollment form, on the Metrolink Price Finder site.

  1. Change the status of an application?

You can change the status of an application by clicking the “Subsidy Program” tab on your Contributor page and then choose by application status (pending, enrolled, etc.). Double clicking a specific User will open up their original application. From there, you can change the status of the application under “Review/Change Status”.  For example, you can change the status from “enrolled” to “completed” following User’s 3rd month in the program.

  1. Generate a list of transit pass orders?

To generate a list of orders by date or pass type, click on the “Reports” tab on your Contributor page.

  1. Change details about the employer-sponsored transit programs?

Click “My Profile” at the top of your Contributor page and choose the “Pass Sales Setup” tab.