Commuters who live or work in the cities of Burbank, Glendale and Pasadena, and are not current regular riders, are eligible to try taking transit for FREE for up to two months

Go Verdugo Subsidy Program

If you live or work in the cities of Burbank, Glendale and Pasadena, and are not a current transit rider, you are eligible to receive up to two monthly transit passes for free! Simply register for an account on Go Verdugo to receive your first month’s transit pass for free. If you log at least 10 trips on Go Verdugo during that first month, you will receive a second transit pass for free and be entered into a raffle drawing!

Available Passes

These subsidies can be used on Metro, Metrolink, and municipal providers (Burbank Bus, Glendale Beeline and Pasadena Transit), depending on the pass type selected. The following passes are available through the Go Verdugo system:

  • Metrolink CQC (for Metrolink, with free transfers to Metro and municipal providers)
  • $100 of Loaded Fare on Tap card (for Metro, LADOT, and municipal providers)

Step-by-Step Process

  1. Email contact@goglendale.org or call (818) 543-7641 for a list of tabling events and pick-up locations near you.
  2. Register a User account on Go Verdugo to receive your free transit pass
  3. Log at least 10 trips on your Go Verdugo account to receive an additional transit pass for the second month and to be entered into a raffle drawing.

Eligibility & Requirements

Participants must meet the following requirements to be eligible for the Go Verdugo subsidy program:

Geographic Requirements

Live or work in Burbank, Glendale or Pasadena

Note: Students, seniors, people with disabilities and military personnel can join the Go Verdugo community, but will be encouraged to take advantage of existing Metro discounts, which will offer a better value for them.


Terms of Eligibility

You Must Be a New Transit Rider

Have not participated in a monthly pass program at their worksite, or purchased one independently within the last three months.

Register for a User account on Go Verdugo and associate yourself with your employer/work site to receive their FIRST free transit pass

Note: if your employer/work site is not listed, please choose “Unaffiliated”

Log at least 10 trips on Go Verdugo to receive their SECOND free transit pass and to be entered into a raffle drawing



By participating in the Go Verdugo Transit Subsidy Program, you agree to:


  • Allow Go Verdugo system administrators to view their TAP or Metrolink CQC card usage data for individual verification and overall grant evaluation purposes and
  • Complete an electronic survey at the end of the program.

For questions or help determining the right pass type, contact GoVerdugo at contact@goglendale.org or 818-543-7641 for more information.

The Go Verdugo Transit Subsidy Program is available to employers/property managers/TMAs (“Contributors”) who meet the following criteria:     


  • Located in Burbank, Glendale or Pasadena.
  • Have an existing program for employees to purchase Metro and/or Metrolink monthly passes on-site (using payroll deduction or reimbursement).
  • Have a Contributor account set up on GoVerdugo.


  If you are interested in offering the subsity program to their employees/tenants, email contact@goglendale.org.  


How Do I?


  1. Sign up as a Contributor on Go Verdugo?


Go to http://www.goverdugo.com/register/. Register as a Contributor.


  1. Sign an employee up for the transit subsidy program?


Email contact@goglendale.org or call (818) 543-7641.